Project initiation

By initiating research and cooperation projects, innovative projects are developed for companies in Lower Saxony. The project idea can come from partners as well as from business. In the competence center, a specific project is designed from the idea.

Do you have a project idea but don't know how to implement it? Then contact us, we will be happy to support you with the next steps!


Project support

Beyond the project initiation, the partners of the competence center support the projects in terms of content and organization.

Prototype development

As part of the competence center, prototypes in the field of sustainable and autonomous ship systems are developed, e.g. greenMEPS, greenCoPilot and GreenSailer.


The competence center offers the possibility to carry out virtual and physical simulations of traffic and ship systems.

Expert dialogues

Expert dialogues are organized regularly within the competence center. This as a platform on which experts can exchange information on specific topics.

Do you have a problem / topic that you would like to discuss? Then contact us, we will bring you together with other experts!


Information events

The partners of the competence center share their knowledge and insights with interested parties via regular information events and, among other things, topics related to alternative fuels and drives as well as communication technology and automation.

Upcoming Events

Studies / Publications

Study design and execution of technical-scientific feasibility studies on innovative systems is part of the extensive range of the competence center.

The competence center also prepares position papers on various topics.



The competence center serves to network actors, primarily in the maritime industry. The focus is in particular on the cooperation with small and medium-sized companies that operate in the field of sea and inland shipping.


The interests of the maritime industry are represented by representatives of the competence center through participation in various working groups at state, federal and EU level. The main topic here is the sustainability of shipping, especially the question of how the framework conditions have to be designed in order to support Lower Saxony's maritime economy in this regard.

If you have a topic from the field of GreenShipping that, in your opinion, receives too little attention, please contact us. We will then check together what options there are to represent your interests!


Technology transfer

New technologies are an essential component in promoting the topic of GreenShipping in Lower Saxony as well.

We present the results of relevant developments and also the progress from the network of the competence center in various event formats. This will give you knowledge of innovations in the field of GreenShipping, but conversely you can also send questions back to science and technology experts.

Data analysis

As part of our activities, we also carry out data analyzes with environmental and shipping traffic information. The evaluations flow directly into our research and development activities. In this way, we guarantee a realistic development of new technologies.


The research partners of the competence center are working hard on innovations in the field of alternative drives and automation for sustainable shipping. Innovative concepts such as in the field of intelligent maritime transport systems as well as e-navigation developed, built and tested.

If you are interested in participating in a research or development project or if you have a specific approach in the area of ​​GreenShipping that can be technically solved, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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