Marine technology and design

Biofouling / anti-growth solutions

The growth of microorganisms, plants, algae and animals on ship hulls favors the introduction and spread of non-native species into foreign waters as well as increased flow resistance of the ships, which leads to increased energy consumption.

The fouling process can be prevented by effective anti-fouling systems. An improvement in the hydrodynamic properties, fuel savings and thus reduced transport costs as well as a reduction in environmentally harmful emissions can be achieved. The use of effective antifouling systems is therefore sensible from an economic point of view and in the interest of the environment.

The Competence Center GreenShipping Niedersachsen has taken on the topic and created a market overview (link to the study). It introduces players who offer solutions to counter biofouling on ship hulls or who research in this area. Companies, universities and institutions can use it to find suitable cooperation partners for various projects in the field of growth-inhibiting technologies and techniques more quickly and easily.

In addition, various information events on the subject of biofouling take place every year.

Further fields of action:

  • Ballast water management
  • Exhaust heat recovery
  • Sewage and waste treatment / recycling
  • Propeller and rudder design optimization
  • Air Cavity System
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