Hamburg & Leer, 22.06.2020

Market overview "Solution approaches against biofouling on ship hulls"

The Competence Center GreenShipping Niedersachseny, together with the Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland e.V. (MCN) and EurA AG, has published a market overview entitled "Biofouling - Approaches to solving biofouling on ship hulls". 33 national and international companies as well as research institutions present their growth-inhibiting technologies and services.

Biofouling is a constant companion of ships and shipping companies. It describes the unwanted growth of ship hulls by microorganisms, plants, algae and animals. The effects are, on the one hand, the introduction and spread of non-native species in foreign waters, and, on the other hand, increased flow resistance of the ships, which leads to increased energy consumption. Conversely, effective protection against fouling can improve the hydrodynamic properties of the ships, save fuel and lead to lower transport costs and a reduction in environmentally harmful emissions. Accordingly, the use of effective antifouling systems makes sense from an economic point of view and in the interest of the environment.

Meanwhile, many actors are concerned with the development and testing of such efficient and environmentally friendly antifouling strategies and systems. In order to increase the market transparency in this industry, the competence center GreenShipping Niedersachsen and the Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland (MCN) have made it their task to provide an overview of players who offer solutions against biofouling on ship hulls or in research in this area. Companies and institutions are to be supported in the search for suitable cooperation partners for the implementation of projects.

A total of 33 actors responded to the call and presented very different approaches. In addition to German players, companies and research institutions from Austria, Belgium, Portugal and China are also represented. The solutions and services around the subject of biofouling compiled in this overview show a wide range of available technologies and know-how. They cover topics such as paints, additives, coatings, but also physical processes such as ultrasound, laser technology and mechanical approaches. These technological processes are supported by services in the field of analysis and research in order to examine the long-term effects and the microscopic relationships between biofouling and surface structures. Initial contacts between participants in the overview have already shown synergy potential. The Competence Center GreenShipping Lower Saxony, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany and EurA AG provide support in arranging contacts and initiating projects and invite the readership and participants to address the contacts from the overview directly if they have project ideas.

The overview is a lively collection of current strategies and technologies in the field of fouling protection, which has been continuously developed even after its first publication. Therefore, all actors from this area are cordially invited to make their contributions available in the coming months as an extension of the existing overview. Further developments of the solution approaches that are already part of the overview can also be updated at any time.

On November 24th, the Competence Center GreenShipping Lower Saxony, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany and EurA AG will hold a virtual biofouling workshop on current industry developments. The content of the workshop will be the discussion of the overview as well as interesting technical contributions from various speakers from the field of biofouling. Everyone is cordially invited to join.

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