• Schiffstechnik & Design
    Schiffstechnik & Design
    Durch Ballastwassermanagement, Abgasnachbehandlung
    oder Antifouling auf den richtigen Kurs.
  • Innovative Antriebssysteme
    Innovative Antriebssysteme
    Mit Slow Steaming, Alternativem Kraftstoff oder Propeller-
    und Ruderdesignoptimierung immer einen Schritt voraus.
  • Logistik & routing
    Logistik & routing
    Reisefertig - durch Flottenplanung, Wetterrouting oder
    intelligente maritime Transportsysteme schnell ans Ziel.
  • Simulation & Sicherheit
    Simulation & Sicherheit
    Integrierte Assistenzsysteme, Sensorik und Sensordaten-
    verarbeitung bieten Sicherheit für die Crew, Schiff und Co.
  • Green Ports
    Green Ports
    Durch Landstromversorgung, Abwässer- oder Müllentsorgung
    oder Umweltmanagement beim Hafenbetrieb auch an Land
    für alle Fälle gewappnet.
GreenShipping Niedersachsen

For an export-oriented country like Germany, maritime shipping is of vital importance. Up to 90 per cent of goods are globally exchanged by more than 36,000 merchant ships. Added to this is the steadily growing number of cruise ships and shortsea ferry traffic, for example, to the East Frisian Islands. Today, maritime shipping is one of the most resource-efficient modes of transport. Nevertheless, resource efficiency within the industry needs to be further improved in light of the environmental and economic concerns for the depletion of resources and the increasing environmental challenges that we face today.

As the volume of ocean-going traffic continues to increase, the focus is necessarily directed to the protection of environment. Key objectives in this area must be to minimize – and ideally eliminate - the negative impact of shipping on the marine environment. For the continued development of the overall system of navigation and port, Lower Saxony relies therefore on green shipping initiatives and green ports.

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