The key role of MARIKO GmbH is to foster networking opportunities across core sectors of the maritime industry with a particular focus on the Ems-Axis region. This is essentially achieved through project design and coordination aimed at creating innovative solutions for the maritime economy in Germany and in the Netherlands. These projects encompass shipping and port activities, Green Shipping and Offshore Wind-Energy. The provision of maritime-specific training programs is also a key component of the MARIKO’s role for which we hold a renowned reputation in maintaining best practice standards in the industry.
In summary, the activities of the MARIKO GmbH in Leer encompass the following core areas:

  • Analysis and development of greenfield prospects for the maritime industry
  • Initiation and coordination of maritime research and innovation projects
  • Development and coordination of maritime-specific training programs in compliance with STCW 95
  • Informing, advising and facilitating multi-stakeholder communication
  • Advocacy and promotion of the regional maritime economy at multi-regional and multi-national levels
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