The Competence centre GreenShipping Niedersachsen

Recognizing its commitment to the economy and environment, the state government has launched the Competence Centre GreenShipping Niedersachsen at two locations, one in Leer and the other in Elsfleth. The objective of this initiative is to identify and address key issues to promote developments in the area of green shipping. To this end, extensive preparatory work carried out by the Maritime Strategy Council Weser-Ems has been duly taken into consideration. The aim is to align the available professional competencies in the region with the relevant problems and to deliver concrete and market-relevant solutions that meet real identified needs. The Centre for GreenShipping therefore aims to promote an efficient and environmentally-friendly shipping industry combined within an economically viable framework. In all environmental issues, the Centre for GreenShipping Niedersachsen promotes a collaborative and inclusive approach dialogue with stakeholders across all sectors of the maritime industry.

Funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour and Transport and the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture, this project is being jointly implemented by MARIKO GmbH, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN), the University of Applied Sciences, Emden/Leer and the Jade University of Applied Sciences.