GreenSailer.pngIn this project, the prototype of an innovative cargo sailing ship for coastal shipping and for supplies to islands is intended to be developed that can largely fulfil the vision of a ‘Zero Emission Ship’. In its development, numerous technical solutions are to be integrated into an overall ship design that will have strong relevance for future application.   
For a broad-based potential of this vessel concept, the following functionalities are to be included in drafting the ship design and its operational concept:
  • Cargo transport
  • Passenger transport
  • Training ship for future generation nautical and engineering trainees
  • Research lab for maritime and marine scientific research and internships
The outcomes of the initial feasibility studies will include design specifications for the vessel itself as well as the equipment on board. This will include a forecast of the construction and operating costs, including a marketable operating concept and a financial plan.

In a subsequent second phase of the project, options for its implementation are to be determined. For example, it is conceivable that such a ship may be jointly operated within a flagship project by the maritime industry and maritime and marine scientific universities as a research, development and training platform for sustainable shipping.

First Sketch of the GreenSailer

Project Management:
 Prof. Dr. Marcus Bentin; University of Applied Sciences Emden/ Leer
 Prof. Kapt. Michael Vahs; University of Applied Sciences Emden/ Leer